10 Best K-Dramas In 2021 To Stream On Viki & Netflix, According To IMDb

2021 has given K-drama fans plenty of new binge-worthy content and Netflix and Viki dominate as the top streaming platforms. And while the year is still relatively young, there has been more than a handful of new series and so much more to come.

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Fans will have a hard time deciding what to watch. There are riveting psychological thrillers and a heartfelt and emotional drama that is centered on a 70-year-old man finally realizing his dreams. 2021 takes the cake, so far, as being one of the best when it comes to K-dramas and fans can’t wait to spend hours with their eyes glued to the screen.

10 Mine: Available On Netflix – 8

Hee-Seo and in Mine

Mine is gaining traction on Netflix as it gives fans chills while also seeing the main characters experience their own personal journeys. The mystery/thriller revolves around two women from high society who break the rules and the prejudices of their social class to find their real “mine.”

Seo Hee-Soo (Lee Bo-Young) gave up her career as an actress to marry into a family of a renowned company. Jung Seo-Hyun (Kim Seo-Hyung) married the first son of the same family and is known for her elegance and intellect. These women not only try to find themselves but also reveal the ugly truth of their society.

9 Beyond Evil: Available On Viki – 8.1

Dong-Sik whispering to Joo-Won ion Beyond Evil

Beyond Evil is one of the newest K-dramas that has fans hooked and creeped out over its thriller storyline. The K-dramas revolves around a series of murders occurring in a small and rural town that resemble similar crimes from 20 years prior. In the middle of it all is an elite young detective who has his own secrets, as he suspects something isn’t right about the town and the people around him.

The K-drama gained notoriety and was nominated for seven awards at the 57th Beaksang Arts Awards. Lead actor, Shin Ha-Kyun, won Best Actor for his riveting character.

8 Sell Your Haunted House: Available On Viki – 8.3

In-Beom and Ji-Ah in front of staircase in Sell Your Haunted House

Sell Your Haunted House gives fans a fun, comedic storyline intermixed with fantasy elements. The story revolves around Hong Ji-Ah (Jang Na-Ra) who owns a real estate company but is also an exorcist who clears buildings or homes inhabited by spirits. She soon meets a con-artist/psychic named Oh In-Beom (Jung Yong-Hwa).

Their unlikely partnership becomes complicated, as they team up to solve Ji-Ah’s mother’s mysterious death 20 years prior. Ji-Ah and In-Beom’s lives are much more intertwined than they realize.

7 Move To Heaven: Available On Netflix – 8.4

Sang-Gu on the phone alongsdie Geu-Ru in Move to Heaven

Get ready to cry. Netflix’s new K-drama, Move To Heaven, will have fans emotional from beginning to end. The drama is based on an essay titled “Things Left Behind,” by Kim Sae-Byul. Geu-Ru (Tang Jun-Sang) is a 20-year-old with Asperger’s syndrome who works with his father as “trauma cleaners” for their company “Move to Heaven.”

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When Geu-Ru’s father passes away, his ex-convict uncle is forced to be his guardian and work for the company for six months. During this time, Sang-Gu (Lee Je-Hoon) learns just how special his nephew is. He has a change of heart as he learns about the emotional trauma and the stories left behind by those who have passed on.

6 Taxi Driver: Available On Viki – 8.5

Do-Ki waiting in his taxi at night in Taxi Driver

What do you do when the justice system doesn’t do its due diligence in catching criminals? Taxi Driver isn’t to be confused with the Robert De Niro movie. The drama stars Kim Do-Ki (Lee Je-Hoon) a Korean Military Academy graduate who becomes an underwater demolition officer.

His life changed, though, after his mother was murdered and now he works for a mysterious company, Rainbow Taxi. He and others do what the law can’t and offer a “revenge-call” service. Things get complicated, though, as a prosecutor starts to take too much interest in Do-Ki. The drama gained popularity for its lead actor, as well as for being inspired by real-life crimes in Korea.

5 Vincenzo: Available On Netflix – 8.7

Vincenzo sipping a glass of wine in Vincenzo

Vincenzo is just the K-drama that fans need in 2021. The Netflix K-drama took over the streaming platform with its high ratings and is loved by fans for its drama and comedy. Vincenzo Cassano (Song Joong-Ki) was once Park Joo-Hyung before being abandoned by his mother and getting adopted by an Italian family.

After joining the mafia, he becomes one of the most feared Italian lawyers and consigliere for the mafia. After being double-crossed, he flees to Korea to recover his hidden gold. In the midst of it all, he becomes enemy with a conglomerate group, Babel Company, who legally took ownership of the building where the gold is stored. The ruthless and feared Mafia member must take on an evil and corrupt CEO.

4 Youth Of May: Available On Viki – 8.8

Hee-Tae and Myung-Hee wiaitng at bus stop in Youth of May

Youth of May is warming people’s hearts with its heartwarming and intense love story. Set in May of 1980, a medical student and a nurse cross paths, and their love seem destined by fate. Hwang Hee-Tae (Lee Do-Hyun) is a medical student with top marks who’s kind, chivalrous but a bit mischievous.

He meets a third-year nurse named Kim Myung-Hee (Go Min-Si) during a setup for a possible marriage partner. Myung-Hee is steadfast, determined, and has no problem speaking out against injustice. As they fall in love, they face the hardships that surround the cries for democracy during the Gwangju Uprising. Their love story isn’t easy.

3 Navillera: Available On Netflix – 8.9

Chae-Rok and Deok-Chul in studio doing ballet in Navillera

Navillera will have audiences looking at their lives a bit differently, but in a good way. The K-dramas stars some of Korea’s most prominent actors, Song Kang as Lee Chae-Rok and Park In-Hwan as Sim Deok-Chul. Deok-Chul is now retired and just celebrated his 70th birthday. He soon realizes that his friends are passing on and regret not having lived out their dreams.

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Deok-Chul lived his whole life working and providing for his family. He makes the decision to pursue his dream of ballet. At the dance academy, Deok-Chul meets 23-year-old, Chae-Rok. Chae-Rok struggles financially after losing his mother and his father being in prison. Chae-Rok becomes Daek-Chul’s teacher. Together they live out their dreams and reignite their passion for ballet.

2 Mouse: Available On Viki – 9

Ba-Reum and Moo-Chi outside a prison in Mouse

Get ready for some creepy and death-defying chills while uncovering who the real psychopath is in the Viki drama, Mouse. Fans shouldn’t expect lovey-dovey romance or lighthearted moments here, as Mouse’s premise is about born psychopaths and killers. Go Mu-Chi (Lee Hee-Jun) witnessed his parents get murdered by one of Korea’s notorious serial killers.

Now grown up, he’s a dedicated detective who crosses paths with Jung Ba-Reum (Lee Seung-Gi), a rookie police officer. They join forces to catch a new serial killer. But as the nation and characters fear the killer, the real evil is lurking among them.

1 Doom At Your Service: Available On Viki – 9.1

Dong-Kyung holding Mul Myung;s hand in frotnof truck in Doom at Your Service

Doom At Your Service is a new drama on Viki that fans have eagerly been waiting for. The drama has a familiar main star, as Strong Woman Bong-Soon‘s lead actor, Park Bo-Young, plays the role of Tak Dong-Kyung. Dong-Kyung has faced hardships all her life and so it was no surprise when she learns that she has a brain tumor and will die in three months.

After drinking and seeing a shooting star, she proclaims that she wishes doom upon the world. But it just so happens that Doom himself, Myul Mang (Seo In-Guk), was listening. Sick of his fate and the world, Myul Mang decides to fulfill Dong-Kyung’s wish. They sign a 100-day contract. If Dong-Kyung doesn’t wish for doom by the end, she will lose someone she loves or die.

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