10 Times Talk Show Hosts Were Inappropriate With Guests

Ever since news broke that talk show host veteran David Letterman is actually somewhat of a creep, people have been perusing the talk show archives to unearth other unsettling moments. Accordingly, it turns out that it’s not just Letterman who was highly inappropriate with his guests: inappropriate behavior appears to be rife among various hosts.

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Unfortunately, it is all too common for talk show hosts to abuse their position of power. This comes in many forms, from not giving guests personal space to asking invasive questions. Surprisingly, there are many big name, much loved hosts who crossed the line. Here are 10 times talk show hosts were inappropriate with guests.

10 David Letterman Humiliates Jennifer Aniston…Then Blames Her

Let’s start this list with David Letterman himself. In a now infamous clip, the host acts like an absolute creep towards Jennifer Aniston. Not only does he ask the Friends star a series of intrusive questions, but he constantly edges closer and closer towards her despite her obvious discomfort. The horrible invasion of privacy culminates in Letterman sucking on Aniston’s hair, then blaming her for the whole ordeal.

9 Jimmy Kimmel Makes Disturbing Comments About An Underage Megan Fox

Jimmy Kimmel may like to come across as the nice guy of the talk show circuit, but he has a dark past. In 2009, Megan Fox featured on his show and spoke about appearing in a sexualized bikini scene in a Michael Bay movie when she was just 15-years-old.

Kimmel makes no attempts to hide his excitement at Fox’s story, commenting “that’s really a microcosm of how all our minds work, but some of us have the decency to repress those thoughts.” Bear in mind that he is getting excited by a story regarding a literal child. We’re just glad that this scenario would (hopefully) never fly in these post-MeToo times.

8 Conan O’Brien Being Creepy Towards Kat Dennings And Beth Behrs

Although Conan O’Brien has been with his wife Liza Powel for over 20 years, that doesn’t stop him from occasionally creeping on his female guests. When 2 Broke Girls stars Kat Dennings and Beth Behrs appeared on his show, O’Brien made a massive deal out of the fact that Behrs accidently brushed past Dennings’ breast and aggressively demanded that the clip be replayed.

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A man approaching 60 making crude comments like this towards two young women is beyond inappropriate.

7 Jay Leno Tries To Force Himself On Judith Light

Star of ’80s sitcom Who’s the Boss?, actress Judith Light appeared on Leno in 1995 alongside David Spade and Chris Farley. First, Leno starts asking her about nude scenes and it gets progressively uncomfortable from there.

The actress demonstrates the logistics of nude scenes with the host, but Leno proceeds to hold her hands behind her back and remove her clothing. Leno already has a shady past, but this clip only makes matters worse.

6 Ellen Tries To Force Wine On Mariah Carey To Prove That She’s Not Pregnant

Last year, once loved talk show host Ellen DeGeneres faced a monumental backlash after numerous stories of workplace bullying and cruel behavior surfaced. In light of these allegations, a number of old interview clips emerged, showing DeGeneres behaving inappropriately towards her guests.

Among them is a 2008 interview with Mariah Carey in which the host constantly tries to get the (clearly uncomfortable) singer to admit that she’s pregnant. Most shockingly, she offers Carey a glass of wine in order to force her to prove that she’s not pregnant.

5 Matt Lauer Acts Like A Total Creep To Anne Hathaway

Long before he faced shocking allegations of sexual assault, Today Show host Matt Lauer was exhibiting his inappropriate behavior with women. In 2012, Lauer interviewed Anne Hathaway and rather than ask her questions pertinent to her role in Les Misérables, he decided to bring up an instance in which the actress was photographed – without her consent, bear in mind – not wearing underwear.

As soon as he introduces Hathaway, Lauer remarks that he’s “seen a lot of you lately”. But the actress classily owns the host, stating, “I was very sad that we live in an age when someone takes a picture of another person in a vulnerable moment, and rather than delete it and do the decent thing, sells it. And I’m sorry that we live in a culture that commodifies sexuality of unwilling participants, which brings us back to Les Mis.”

4 A Young Helen Mirren Gets Sexualized By A British Talk Show Host

Michael Parkinson was a big name talk show host in Britain, and like his American counterparts, he often got creepy with female guests. In 1975, a 30-year-old Helen Mirren was pretty much getting sexualized by the host from the outset. Instead of discussing her movie work, Parkinson asks inappropriate questions regarding Mirren’s appearance.

Crudely, he refers to her “equipment” and asks whether it prevents her from being perceived as a serious actress, which results in an eye role from Mirren, who is visibly fed up a mere 60 seconds into the interview. When she asks him what exactly he means by her “equipment”, he frequently gazes straight down at her cleavage.

3 Stephen Colbert Invades Kristen Stewart’s Personal Space

Touching guests is totally out of bounds (well, touching strangers in general is a major no-no), but that’s exactly what Stephen Colbert did to Kristen Stewart. The actress appeared on The Late Show in 2017 and things took an inappropriate turn when Colbert claimed that Stewart’s mic needed adjusting.

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To Stewart’s visible shock, the host starts adjusting her mic and puts his fingers down her shirt, as she glances at the audience in disbelief. Invading someone’s personal space is simply unacceptable and we would frankly expect better from Colbert.

2 Conan O’Brien Shamelessly Sexualizes Miranda Kerr

When Victoria’s Secret model Miranda Kerr appeared on Conan in 2011, the host wasted no time in commenting on her appearance. “Good god!” O’Brien exclaims as soon as Kerr sits down. Unsurprisingly, he then comments on her tight-fitting dress, remarking, “that is an incredible dress that you’re.. that you’ve been dipped into.”

Nervously, Kerr says that the dress matches the host’s tie, so he uses this as an opportunity to move closer towards her, laughing “yes, let’s get closer, shall we?”

1 Jimmy Kimmel Gets Personal About Margaret Qualley’s Body Hair

The daughter of fellow actress Andi MacDowell, Margaret Qualley was a guest on Kimmel in 2019. She was supposed to be promoting her role in Quentin Tarantino’s Once Upon A Time… In Hollywood, but the host was much more interested in discussing the details of Qualley’s feet and body hair.

For her role, Qualley had to forgo shaving her armpits and Kimmel asks a series of increasingly inappropriate questions regarding her body hair, querying whether she had to shampoo it and asking for details about her post-filming waxing experience.

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