11 Of The Best Hair Claw Clips In Australia


The 90s are back when it comes to hair styling, but before we get to that weird plastic tool we used to use in Year 1 to flip our hair into an upside-down ponytail thing (what WAS that), we’re heading into the claw hair clip phase. Yep, those big plastic teeth-filled tools are here for 2021.

In case you skipped the 90s, the claw hair clip was super popular, particularly in the Valley Girl set – think 90210, Beverly Hills, all of that. Now, it’s Bella Hadid and various fashion influencers repping the claw clip. Teamed with a sweet cardigan, strappy top and some bootleg jeans or flare leggings, you’re set when it comes to 90s style.

Below are some of our favourites to buy right now, from tortoiseshell claw clips, minimalist glossy black and trend-heavy colours and patterns.


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