22 Skin-Plumping Products for Glowy, Youthful-Looking Skin


As someone whose career involves chatting up the most talented and sought-after skin gurus in the business, there are a few cardinal “good skin” rules that have been permanently ingrained into my head. Of course, there are the obvious dictations like always removing your makeup before bed, drinking as much water as your bladder can possibly handle, resisting the urge to pop your own pimples, etc,. But one interesting tidbit I’ve learned—that’s not necessarily public knowledge—is that skin-plumping products (aka essentials that hydrate, nourish, strengthen, and boost collagen) are one of the most strategic ways to harness plump, dewy, all-around youthful-looking skin at any age. (My 73-year-old mom is pure proof on the matter!) 

Of course, there are plenty of cosmetic treatments and procedures (like filler) that can plump up your complexion. But if you’re looking for a less invasive, expert-approved product list that can provide immediate skin-plumping perks, you’re in luck. 


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