Abhidnya Bhave celebrates pet dog Aaho’s birthday


Rang Maza Vegla actress Abhidnya Bhave took to her Instagram to share multiple pictures of her pet ‘Aaho’ on the occasion of its Birthday. The actress is known for her love for animals and has a special four-legged friend in her life.

Abhidnya wrote a special note to her dog Aaho and wrote, ”

I realised I have so manyyy happy memories with you young man!!!!??You sure are not at all like the normal dogs(super friendly, squishy, cuddly) but you have such a strong personality just like your father!!! And thats what makes you super special. You accepted me in your space without asking for anything in return right from day one ( when that’s actually not your personality ?). You are the strongest thread for why we are a strong couple?

The actress further posted pictures with hubby Mehul Pai and Aaho and wrote, “You have made me realise that living being who cannot speak also have strong feelings and emotions. Thank you for bringing me close to your animal clan. I just wish you stay as healthy and disastrous ( sometimes ) as you are. No matter what mumma just loves you?#happy4myaaho”

The actress never forgets to spread awareness of animal rights through her social media posts.

On the work front, Marathi actress Abhidnya Bhave rose to fame with the TV shows Tula Pahate Re and Khulta Kali Khulena. She recently played a pivotal role (as Tanuja Bharadwaj) in the popular Marathi show Rang Maza Vegla.


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