Anna Mucha was vaccinated against COVID-19! Then she showed what her breasts looked like!


Anna Mucha, 41, bragged that she had decided to vaccinate. On Instagram, she listed the details of her visit to the vaccination point. However, the actress wouldn’t be the same if she hadn’t flaunted her greatest treasures for which she is best known …

In her work, Anna communicates with different people almost every day. As part of safety, movie sets are constantly tested, because hitting a crew member means downtime and wasted money.

No wonder Mucha immediately decided to get vaccinated as quickly as possible.

Thanks to this, you will be sure that it is safe. After all, she is a responsible mom of two kids who are her entire world.

On the occasion of her last birthday, Anna gives an interview to “Party”, where she confesses that she is tired of this entire epidemic and wears masks.

“Go everywhere with your friend Photoshop. Seriously, it’s health, vaccination in time and removing the mask. I hope I don’t waste what the epidemic gave me and be able to maintain the balance between balance and home. Over the past year I’ve loved it again.” – said the actress.

And it was Anna who took another step towards normality and got the vaccine against COVID-19

On Instagram, she posted a recording of this important moment for her. Of course, she did it her own style.

“That’s it? The” Brave Patient “poster? – I was surprised by the recording, then decided to comment on her mesmerizing breasts in the foreground.

“Yes, I know, any excuse is good for the cheek” – he summed up her technique.


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