At 88 kilos, Sameera Reddy is sweating it out to achieve her Diwali goal of a ‘fit body’ | Hindi Movie News

Sameera Reddy has recently recovered from COVID-19 and the actress is shelling out massive fitness goals. The actress refuses to neglect herself and is working towards achieving a fitter body. She shared on Instagram, “I’ve decided I won’t let the pandemic get the best of me like it did last year. I put on so much weight stress eating thru 2020 and just neglected myself. I refuse to let COVID throw me off my fitness Friday goals.”

While she has not picked any intense workouts, Sameera plans to work on her diet. She added, “This week I had to work on post COVID exhaustion. I finally feel all the effort I am taking is paying off and I’m feeling a bit energetic. I’m 88 kgs and able to play my badminton again. No intense workouts yet but walking and choosing the right foods is working for me. I’m very focused on my Diwali goal of getting to my fit body and I will not give up on that.” Also inspiring those on her timeline, the actress wrote, “I hope you also feel motivated and inspired to just keep moving. It’s really about just strengthening your body and mind more than the weight because that is what we need most right now. Please share your goals, your triumphs, your intentions for your Fitness goals because sometimes just saying it helps getting you moving. #fitness #fitnessfriday #letsdothis.”

Sameera Reddy has often candidly spoken about her fitness journey post pregnancy and motherhood. In a recent post the actress had opened up about how she weighed 102 Kgs during her first pregnancy and that her confidence was shattered then. The dedicated workouts, yoga, pilates and strength training, Sameera managed to lose weight over a span of two years.

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