Bella Hadid’s Zig-Zag Parting Is A Blast From The Hairstyle Past

This week, Bella took a similarly retro approach to her hair, creating a distinct zig-zag parting. Despite the recent furore around side-partings (see: TikTok), which have been deemed old-fashioned by Gen Z, Bella’s zig-zag veered right. 

Much like her everyday style references, which often pay homage to vintage fashion, Bella’s recent beauty look nods to the zig-zag partings that graced the scalps of Mandy Moore, Christina Aguilera, Britney Spears, Mel B and Alicia Keys back in the day. 

Sarah Jessica Parker at the fifth season premiere of Sex and The City in 2002.

Jim Spellman

The look, revealed in mirror selfies, was a hit with Bella’s 40.9 million followers, including Charlotte Knowles, the emerging London designer behind the model’s strappy corset and belted corduroy trousers, just visible in her post.

The supermodel has become one of the first to wear Knowles’s autumn/winter 2021 collection, released under her new brand name KNWLS. Midriff-flossing ’90s silhouettes – which she describes as “streetwise, yet elegant; rough but bourgeois” – have become central to Knowles’s brand DNA since her debut with Fashion East in 2019. This isn’t the first time that Bella has snapped up her garments: days earlier, she was spied wearing a top from the latest collection, and Knowles’s slinky tops, trousers and jackets from previous seasons also feature in Hadid’s wardrobe. 

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