Black Graduates of 1922 – Crisis Magazine, July, 1922 – Actress Images

I thought others might appreciate these tidbits of forgotten history of People of Color.

Students Listed:
Julian H. Lewis, R.C. Jackson, H.M. Smith, "Theodore B. Nix, Jr.", Arthur F. Redding, L. Beatrice Morton, K.V. Lambkins, Louise Mason, L.S. Hart, Catherine Grigsby, Alice I. Brown, T.T. Riley, James A. Gardiner, George R. Dorsey, Russell Davis, Sterling A. Brown, R.A. Harewood,Dr. William S. Quinland, J.A. Lane, Charles H. Houston, Lamar Perkins, Jesse S. Heslip, Jasper A. Atkins, John F. Williams, Cicero C. Simmons, Cornelius Johnson, Frank E. Bowles, R.C. Crump, M.E. Goode, Julia Rumford, Harcourt A. Tynes, Katherine Robinson, Willa L. Harrison, James W. Pryor, William Powell, Simone Chapoteau, Robert W. Cheers,Carter W. Wesley, N.L. Barnett, J.H. Wilson, E.E. Simpson, H.S. Lindsay, S.M. Greene, L.P. Miller, P. Eugene Davenport, Irwin Tillman Dorch, George Washington Gregory, George Arnett Singleton, Peyton Elliott Womack, John Herman Bougs, Willis Gittens Price, A.W. Easton, C.A. Hays, Demerald Williams, Anna Jones Robinson, Enid Thorpe, Garland N. Adamson, Ernest F. Alleyne, Oscar L. Barland, Theodore Blake, Wilhelmina B. Bowles, Emerson W. Brown, Perry M. Brown, Roscoe C. Bryant, Herman H. Clay, James A. Crooke, Rodman F. Doyle, Alfred C. Dungee, Frederick D. Funderburg, William B. Glenn, James M. Holloway, Richard H. Jackson, James H. Lewis, Andrew J. Love, Cassell A. Mott, James M. McGriff, Lee M. Owen, Titus M. Perry, Linwood L. Rayford, James W. Ross, Braxton R. Selden, Edward C. Smith, William M. Smith, Jackson P. Taylor, Price Terrell, Lucilius C. Youngblood, Walter A. Zuber, James H. Lewis, Gertrude Donaway, Robert H. Gross, T.C. Hammons, Hardy Haywood, Arthur Morris, L.B. Baker, W.M. Bishop, R.N. Gordon, J.R. Hackney, E.A. Bennett, W.N. Bowser, G.L. Brown, M.N. Gibbs, C.L. Holland, P.L. Martin, J.H. Patterson, S.L. Scott, W.H. Wormley, James Edward Caraway, Timothy Bertram Echols, Arthur Buxton Keeling, Roger Williams,

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