Carlos Santana Circa Y2K Is My Man Crush Forever


UNSPECIFIED – CIRCA 2000: Photo of Carlos SANTANA; live (Photo by Paul Bergen/Redferns)Photo: Courtesy of Getty

In “Smooth,” we see the artist in a pared-back outfit: black pants, a deep-V burgundy shirt, and a hat that reminds me awfully of Walter White in Breaking Bad. (He also wears a cream suit.) The look on a then 52-year-old Santana is insanely alluring. It’s casual but with enough accessories to show that this guy has a magical persuasion. He has swag in spades.

Photo: Courtesy of Getty 

In this era, Santana also had a penchant for golden tunics and shirts with Global Village Coffeehouse scrawls all over them. Even his guitar straps were outrageous, especially a thick, noisy one that was meticulously beaded and outlined with shells. It’s so thick and boisterous that it reminds me of a wrestler’s champion belt. For Santana, he wore it with almost everything. One look sticks out from 2002, for a performance in England where Santana sported onstage a Nike tracksuit with a sleeveless tank along with his hat, sunglasses, and that shell-lined guitar strap. Nothing was too random or too chaotic for him to wear; I love it.

It’s his attitude, his innate sexiness that negates any whisper of what we perceive as bad style. In fact, his outré choices are intoxicating. The man is so confident with himself, as he should be, to wear anything that he likes. Besides, that shell-lined guitar strap looks good on him—as Thomas would sing: “Because you’re so smooth.”

Photo: Courtesy of Getty


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