Tulsi Gabbard | Body Measurements

Democratic politician Tulsi Gabbard is one of the presidential candidates for 2020 election. She is also a very beautiful woman. Gabbard has a very attractive figure with lovely measurements. She wears a 36C bra size and weighs 136 pounds. She’s often praised as one of the most attractive US politicians but her opinions caused a … Read more

Jessica Rothe | Body Measurements

Attractive actress Jessica Rothe appeared lately in several movies, such as Happy Death Day, Forever My Girl, and La La Land. Her talent and beauty made her quite popular. Rothe has a nice hourglass shape body measurements and she wears a 34C bra size. She is 5′ and 4″ tall. She will soon appear also … Read more

Shannon Ihrke | Body Measurements

Recently dubbed as the “World’s hottest Marine,” Shannon Ihrke took over internet with the speed of lightning. This glamour model is growing her Instagram account fast. Currently, she can be proud of 154 thousand followers but we have no doubt this number will continue growing. Ihrke has stunning body measurements. Her perfectly shaped hourglass figure … Read more

Kinsey Wolanski | Body Measurements

Glamour model and social media star Kinsey Wolanski became extremely famous when she recently interrupted UEFA match, running across the playing field only in a black cutout swimsuit with a text over her breasts that promoted her boyfriend’s website. But with her voluptuous hourglass body measurements, she made the biggest advertisement for herself and Kinsey’s … Read more

Jordyn Woods | Body Measurements

Jordyn Woods has a massive following on Instagram. As of 2019, her account is approaching 10 million followers and growing. She gained even more notoriety for being friends with Kardashian family. Woods can be proud of her curvaceous figure and it is not surprising that she often poses in bikini, revealing to her fans her … Read more

Brittany Bristow | Body Measurements

Popular actress Brittany Bristow is known mostly from romantic movies about dating and finding the perfect man. Lately, it was the movie Love On Safari from 2018. She played a young web designer who falls in love with a park ranger. Bristow possesses slender body measurements. Her bra size is 34C and she is 5′ … Read more

Julia Benson | Body Measurements

Attractive Canadian actress Julia Benson played for example in Masters Of Horror episode Right To Die where she showed her gorgeous assets in a hot tub scene. It was hard to beat that but Julie appeared in many other roles as well. Benson’s body measurements are nice example of hourglass body shape. She is 5’ … Read more

Deana Martin | Body Measurements

Deana Martin is still very active as a singer although she is already 70 years old. Just recently, Martin performed live in Hilton’s Lorenzo’s Cabaret. She is also known for always having a very attractive hourglass shaped body measurements. Deana wears a 36C bra size and weighs 138 pounds, always maintaining and enviable figure. Check … Read more

Elizabeth Pipko | Body Measurements

Young fashion model Elizabeth Pipko got into media spotlight in early 2019 as a spokesperson for a “Jexodus” movement, a political group that advocates shift of Jewish voters away from Democratic party and joining the ranks of conservatives. Pipko might be conservative when it comes to politics but her wardrobe is certainly not. She doesn’t … Read more