Celebrities Highlight How George Floyd Will Finally Be Able To Rest In Peace


Celebrities such as Bella Hadid, Justin Timberlake, Ice T, and Alyssa Milano lent their voices to a different type of conversation.

The entire world was left reeling when the shocking video of George Floyd’s murder began making its rounds online. Since May 25th, 2020, millions of people across the globe have been unable to fully exhale, holding with them the crushing weight of Floyd’s murder as a constant reminder of the social injustice that plagues the world.

On April 20th, 2021, the stress and tension could be felt around the world once again, as all eyes were put on the judge and jury as the judicial system was put to the ultimate test.

As Derek Chauvin was officially declared a convicted murderer, many people put the focus on Chauvin’s new fate.

However, some celebrities shifted their focus entirely and put it right on the life he so wrongly took, changing the conversation to reflect the fact that justice served meant that George Floyd, nearly an entire year after his untimely death, could now finally rest in peace.

Celebrities Wish Peace To The Late George Floyd

Opting to take the focus off Chauvin, celebrities such as Bella Hadid, Justin Timberlake, Ice T, and Alyssa Milano lent their voices to a very different type of conversation.

Chauvin’s fate was sealed, but he was not the topic of their discussions.

Putting the spotlight where it was so much more deserved, these celebrities used their platforms to acknowledge George Floyd as a hero, to declare him as a man of great influence on the world, and of course, they took a moment to reflect that this fallen man could hopefully now rest in true peace.

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Rest In True Peace, George Floyd

Since his death, the entire situation was riddled with controversy, angst, and two very opposing sides that battled the details of that fateful day.

No more.

These powerful celebrities chose to promote a path less traveled, and more greatly deserving. They honored Floyd, and sent wishes and prayers for his soul to finally rest in peace.

“Rest in peace, George Floyd. You have changed the world” was posted by Alyssa Milano, who has been known to use her voice to create waves of awareness for social justice.

Bella Hadid wrote; “Rest In Peace George Floyd. Thank God for justice and accountability today.”

Ice T raised a hand in power, and couldn’t find words to share the impact that Floyd has had on the lives of so many people, across the world.

“My heart is with George Floyd’s family today” said Justin Timberlake.

The outpouring of love for Floyd and sweet messages for his soul to rest in peace brings a new perspective to this chaotic situation.

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