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Do you want to see big celebrities in bath towels? Now you can!

In old Hollywood these images would probably be considered too daring, but now they can be quite an attraction. Here a young man Sean Connery.

Although she enchanted with her elegant outfits, Marilyn monroe also wowed in bath towel.

Backstage at an event in a towel Chrissy teigen show off your beauty.

Jared Leto In a towel, he shows once again that he is at his best. The snapshot, which he himself has uploaded to his Instagram, made it clear that his physical condition is still more than enviable.

Without a drop of makeup, fresh out of the shower and with her hair tousled. The picture of Bella Hadid it is just one more proof that the trend without filters or makeup.

Towels are a photographer’s obsession Mario testino, especially if they wrap bodies and heads.

Karlie kloss makes it clear once again that her sensual side is also mysterious.

In profile and with a semi drawn smile is like Selena Gomez it shows that she is no longer a girl.

The famous photographer has turned the actress Bruna marquezine in the main characters 151 of his legendary series of nude celebrities in towel.

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