Celebs Love the Boody Bra Sold on Amazon for Under $20


I don’t mean to freak you out or anything, but it’s finally time to start wearing a bra again. (Although if you’re always sans-bra, more power to you!) Going au naturel during Zoom meetings and important work calls has been ah-mazing, but, depending on your cup size, you might want some extra support to go about your day.

Strapping on a bra doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice comfort though. Let’s be real, no one likes to be poked and prodded by underwire for hours on end. If you’re looking for one that’s comfortable, supportive, and actually chic, you’re in luck: The celeb-fave Boody Shaper Bra is on Amazon for less than $20.

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ICYMI, Boody’s Shaper Bra has been worn by lit-er-ally every cool “it” girl: Kylie Jenner, Bella Hadid, Em Rata, Amelia Gray, Jhené Aiko…I can keep going if you want, but you get where I’m going with this. Made with its signature bamboo viscose, Boody’s bras are lightweight, breathable, and sustainable. (Read: Your closet and Mother Nature will totally dig this option.)

The seamless construction offers all-day comfort and an extra oomph—all without clasps, fasteners, and underwire. Plus, the bamboo fabric gives your skin a cooling effect, which is great news for those hot summer months. You can even style it as a top, like Emily Ratajkowski did with high-waisted shorts and gold jewelry above. The brown version is definitely the most popular shade, FYI.

Basically, whenever you hear about the hottest item that every A-lister has, you assume it costs a small fortune. But, in reality? The covetable Shaper Bra is on the inexpensive side with prices anywhere between $16.95 to $19.95. And, if you think you have enough bras, Boody has bunch of bodysuits and tees, and leggings on the cheap, too. Um, brb, adding everything to my cart.

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