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I saw a photo of Charlize Theron in my TV guide and decided to use it for a study sketch.

While it seems solid enough in quick passing, there are some things that could be better (as there always are). That is a good thing, because it means I’m still progressing.

The way I set up the sketch was different from what I did previously. I find tried to visualize the head as a block in perspective and tried to see it without the hairdo. Next, I set up the proportions of the features (where I made a mistake, by making the nose slightly too long), and corrected the initial outline of the head and neck accordingly. Finally, I added the hairdo and the shading on the face and neck, and made the background darker.

I need to practice this more often, because in the portrait class at the local community college, I often go wrong in the initial setup. I need to visualize and even pre-visualize before I concern myself with how it looks. Structure first, looks later. This requires discipline on my part, because some models are just too beautiful not to be in awe.

I don’t want to follow a strict technique, but rather keep it loose, so my art doesn’t become stiff and predictable. This means I will be slow at first, compared to those who follow some step-by-step tutorial, but once I’ve mastered my less procedural approach, I will get faster, no doubt, and blow the 1-2-3 artists out of the water.

One hopes, at least.

Posted by aaipodpics on 2011-02-20 13:06:02

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