Chuck Norris Has Black Belts in 6 Different Martial Arts and Even Created His Own Martial Art Called Chun Kuk Do


The name of Chuck Norris is pretty easy to recognize, thanks to all the jokes and internet memes surrounding it. Most of those memes and jokes reference Norris’ notorious strength and fighting ability, and for a good reason. Norris has earned top marks in six different martial arts disciplines and even created his own. He is a phenomenon for sure and worth being known. 

How did Chuck Norris get started in martial arts? 

Chuck Norris practicing martial arts with his trainer in Los Angeles, California

Chuck Norris practicing martial arts | Nik Wheeler/Corbis via Getty Images

Chuck Norris joined the Air Force as an Air Policeman at the age of 18 in 1958, and it was there that his martial arts journey began. In 1960, he transferred to the Osan Air Base in South Korea. While in South Korea, Norris took a class in Judo but sadly broke his shoulder only one week into the class. 


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