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Celeste Barber (that’s her above), a comedian who is known to parody any celeb picture that she can get her hands on, often goes semi-nude to get her joke across.

This time, she’s placed leaves over her crotch in a picture that is poking fun at American model Emily Ratajkowski.

Ratajkowski is an outspoken feminist who isn’t afraid to show her body on social media, which often leads to a backlash from outlets such as The Daily Mail.

Barber used the image of Ratajkowski modelling with a peace lily in place of underwear, but she used leaves instead, stuffed into her panties:

Barber also took a swipe at Ratajkowski’s captions by saying “Caption about feminism and empowering women. #celestechallengeaccepted”.

This image shared by Barber comes after she posted a video of her taking a jab at Khloe Kardashian’s recent debacle.

Remember, we wrote about that – Khloe Kardashian Hit Back After THAT Photo With This Video.

Here’s Barber’s take, captioned: “Frankly, my dear, no one gives a damn”:

Among the other celebs that Barber has teased, we have Kim Kardashian, of course:

Justin Bieber’s wife, Hailey Bieber, shopping semi-nude:

There’s Bella Hadid, too, gorgeous as always even when there’s a light in her face:

And the Fox lingerie ambassador, Lana Voronina:

Barber mocks celebs at her own expense, but Ratajkowski is also tired of her images being used without consent, which she has spoken about at length in the past.

In the age of memes, where images are recycled quicker than plastic, it’s definitely a challenge to maintain ownership over your image.


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