Drake’s insane Chrome Hearts Rolls-Royce says ‘F*ck you,’ broke ass


Drake may not agree he’s always doing the most — but he can’t deny it after his most recent purchase. The Canadian rapper, who already boasts a car collection worth a staggering $8 million, has teamed up with Chrome Hearts to create a custom Rolls-Royce Cullinan complete with quilted leather seats in a cross pattern and rims engraved with the words “Fuck You.” Nice, but for what, Drake?

Chrome Hearts has been all over the rapper’s feed lately, as well as on those of Virgil Abloh, Travis Scott, Bella Hadid, Jay-Z, Dua Lipa, and countless others. But the Los Angeles luxury label isn’t a newcomer to the fashion industry — it’s actually been around since the ’80s, known for dressing icons like Guns N’ Roses and Cher in radical outfits. And with retro punk fashion in style again, the “anti-fashion” appeal of Chrome Hearts is drawing hundreds of fans to the label again.

Nobody does it like Drake — When Drake likes a brand, he obsesses over it, as evidenced by his love of Nike. Not only does the rapper have a sub-label with the sportswear brand — he’s photoshopped Adidas’ logo out of pictures, rapped about “checks over stripes” on his “Sicko Mode” feature, and made references to his Jordans in the “In My Feelings” video. Likewise, Drake has donned plenty of Chrome Hearts designs, including a customized Rolex and basketball jersey. His new Rolls-Royce is only the latest — and most expensive — show of loyalty to the luxury brand.

Chrome Hearts

The car itself is the result of over a year of work between Chrome Hearts and Drake. First seen in the music video for Drake’s track “What’s Next,” the Rolls-Royce features quilted upholstery across the seats and on the air-conditioning knob, taking on Chrome Heart’s signature cross and dagger motifs. Blacked-out windows ensure privacy in a car designed to turn heads, while three of Chrome Heart’s crosses decorate the hood in place of the Rolls’ Spirit of Ecstasy ornament. The car’s rims are also engraved with intricate cross patterns and a “Fuck You” graphic.

Take a ride inside — You don’t need to party with the rapper to get a peek inside of his custom car, either. The Rolls-Royce will be on display — by appointment only, obviously — at Miami’s Institute of Contemporary Art until May 15. Chrome Hearts has also offered fans a digital look at the luxury vehicle through an interactive website, which features a 3D model of the custom car to give fans a glance at everything from the interior to the undercarriage. The experience is really made whole as it’s scored by Drake’s “What’s Next.”


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