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It’s no exaggeration to say that many fans expect Eternals to be the best MCU movie to date. The expectations for this Chloé Zhao movie are soaring to unimaginable levels. It’s all because the director won the Oscar for Best Director and the Oscar for Best Picture with Nomadland – 100%. Everyone thinks it could be the movie that redefines the superhero genre. It has helped the fact that rumors spread that Marvel are in awe of the masterpiece the director has created. It really helps that someone who is passionate about comics is also a great filmmaker.

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It should be said that, for the same reason, fans were dying for Marvel to show a trailer. This week the first came out and generated all kinds of reactions. The first, and most logical, is that the fans were celebrating the event on social networks. They also began to argue about the fact that this group of heroes did not decide to interfere when Thanos, who is an Eternal of Titan, killed half the life of the universe. In addition, many were struck by the fact that Steve Rogers was called Captain Rogers in the trailer. This was for many an unmistakable sign that they referenced the fact that the new Captain America is Sam Wilson.

All those discussions on social media were a sign of something we now know for sure. Lots of people saw this trailer. Deadline has reported that it broke a very important record in these pandemic times: it was seen by 77 million people around the world in its first 24 hours of existence. It is the highest number of views a Disney / Marvel movie has had in the 14 months of the pandemic. For example, Cruella – 97% only got 71 million views. The trailer for Falcon and the Winter Soldier – 97% that came out during the Super Bowl got 125 million views, but that number counts the people who saw it on television. Considering that this is one of the most watched sporting events in the world, it is not surprising that it has achieved that. The point is that the Eternals got all those viewers just on the internet. The trailer became number one on YouTube within minutes of it being released.

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With this new record, it can be assumed that on November 5, many people will see this movie in theaters. Everybody wants to check if Chloé zhao He did it again. There are already many speculations that this film will be nominated for Best Picture at the next Oscars. It wouldn’t be all that weird if the movie turns out to be all that it promises it will be. If he managed to win it, it would be the first film of its genre to win it and that would probably silence many mouths that see him below his shoulder. Every genre has good exponents, it is only a matter of the spectators taking the opportunity to see them.

Not long ago Kevin Feige praised the director and made it clear that she is a clear example of the type of filmmakers they want you to work with, who may well be an indie director of modest budget and grossing movies:

These are the kind of filmmakers we want to work with, regardless of the size of the movies they’ve made before. Unique voices with unique things to say. And in her case, which isn’t always a prerequisite by any means, she’s a huge fan of both the MCU and the comics and the genre. Watching his movies you wouldn’t necessarily realize it. So it was good that you let us know.

Everything seems to indicate that indeed we are going to have a Marvel movie that is going to say something unique in its kind and that is going to separate itself from the other installments of this cinematographic universe. Almost there.

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