Fans Debate Whether ‘Dear Evan Hansen’ Star Is a Baritone or Tenor

Ben Platt is a Broadway star who’s making a big transition into movies and TV, and his most recent work is the film adaptation of his hit musical, Dear Evan Hansen. Not only is he still the youngest actor to win a Tony Award, but his singing ability is still renowned to this day. However, just like with many other singers, many fans have wondered about Platt’s vocal range, and many are curious about just what type of singer he is. Some think he’s a baritone, others think he’s a tenor, and a few think he’s something else. Here’s a look at the debate between fans about Ben Platt’s vocal range.

Ben Platt is an accomplished singer and actor

While Platt’s role as Evan Hansen in Dear Evan Hansen may be his most iconic role to date, it’s not his only role. In fact, despite being 28, he’s had a pretty successful career on stage, in film, on TV, and even in music. For example, one of his bigger roles in musical theater before Dear Evan Hansen was in The Book of Mormon, which was a successful show as well. 

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