From Crash Landing on You to Hotel Del Luna; Here are the K dramas we’re binge watching for a fashion fix

We are looking back at the most stylish K dramas, and the top female fashion icons from the shows, to get our fashion fix today. Scroll down to see what you’re missing.

Here are the K Dramas we’re binge watching for a fashion fix
From Crash Landing on You to Hotel Del Luna; Here are the K dramas we’re binge watching for a fashion fix

While the story carries K-dramas, not many know what a huge role fashion plays in the shows. While our envy to dress up cannot be curbed in the lockdown, we’ll make do by looking at the most stylish women from our favourite K dramas. The list below carries names of powerful women who not only made their characters unforgettable but also honed their amazing acting skills with a trailblazing sense of style. They may have distinct personalities in dramas –be it quirky, cute, kindhearted, or villainous – but one thing’s for sure: their outfits have our attention. 


Jun Ji Hyun: When thinking of stylish drama shows, Jun Ji Hyun is the first actress that comes to mind. Her performance in My Love from the Star: Chun Song Yi, as an over-the-top star who thinks she’s the most beautiful person in the world, captured our hearts and attention. The pop icon had even fashionistas taking notes with her impressive style. Jun Ji Hyun made heads turn once again as the mermaid-turned-ultra-stylish-human Shim Cheong in The Legend of the Blue Sea.


Son Ye Jin: The actress not only captured the heart of the captain in the show but also viewers and fans worldwide. Son Ye Jin was dressed to impress being an heiress who made it big on her own but forced to leave her corporate glam behind upon her arrival in North Korea. Regardless, the actress managed to pull off both looks with ease, be it chic native or corporate barbie. 


IU: The musician and actress was a sight for sore eyes as Jang Man Wol in period dramaHotel Del Luna. The actress didn’t only ace the vintage style, she also left fans speechless with her heart-wrenching acting. If you haven’t seen it, in the drama, she lived in different decades for thousands of years, and along with it she wore different outfits from the golden eras. Whether it’s old school or modern styles, IU carried each outfit perfectly while keeping true to her character and not letting the outlandish outfits distract viewers from the story.


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