‘General Hospital’ Fans Don’t Want Sonny & Carly Back Together Again


General Hospital super-couple Carly and Sonny have finally called it quits. Thanks to Willow and Scotty, everybody and their mother in Port Charles now know about Nina’s affair with Sonny (as “Mike,” of course) in Nixon Falls. And, apparently, that affair was one bridge too far for Carly to cross. So, now that the super-couple are done for good, there are some General Hospital fans who want things to stay that way. But why?

General Hospital star Maurice Benard, pictured here with grey hair and a grey suit, as Sonny Corinthos

Maurice Benard as Sonny Corinthos on ‘General Hospital’ | Valerie Durant/ABC via Getty Images

Some outlets speculated that ‘General Hospital’ would separate ‘CarSon’ for good

Before the fateful day even happened, SoapHub speculated that General Hospital would split ‘CarSon’ (Carly and Sonny) for good sooner rather than later. And, in fact, the fans that they polled back in November 2021 would have been more content with the “sooner” part than the “later” part of the breakup.


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