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With the mercury rising and millions of people getting vaccinated around the world, we’re all praying for a return to normalcy really soon. After spending a year in knits and loungewear, the summer 2021 fashion trends are poised to be joyful, bright, and thriving. Here are some of the biggest trends that encapsulate that post-pandemic joie de vivre.

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1. Vintage Accessories

Perhaps it was the nostalgia of a simpler time that is making people flock to their local Goodwill, neighborhood vintage stores, or eBay to find pre-loved pieces of clothing and jewelry. Or perhaps it’s a sign of the times, and people want to be less wasteful, and more eco-conscious with their fashion choices. Whatever the reason, shopping for vintage pieces was a huge trend throughout the pandemic, especially where designer jewelry and bags were concerned. This isn’t changing anytime soon, so good luck getting your hands on a Gucci Jackie 1961 in monogram canvas, a Fendi baguette, or any Chanel logo jewelry.

2. Bold Prints

Florals for spring? Groundbreaking. But this summer’s prints aren’t for the faint of heart — the summer 2021 fashion trend of bold prints is bigger is better. Think large flowers and vivid foliage prints, and wear the heck out of them.

3. Silk Scarves

Vintage scarves were so big during the pandemic that almost every high street and designer brand brought out their own version of the accessory. Thanks to Bella Hadid’s fondness for them, this is a trend that’s not going anywhere. A silk scarf is an extremely versatile piece. You can rock one as a strapless or halter top to channel some serious 90’s vibes. And if Tik Tok is to be believed, it’s near impossible to drive around without one on you and your pets.

4. Strings Attached

Whether they’re on your dresses, snaking around your midriff, or your ankles, straps are what summer 2021 fashion trends are made of! Maybe it’s just a way to wrap up all the drama of the last 12 months into a neat little bow, but we’ll take it. Tie it up, and throw away the key.

5. Quilted and Cushioned

The Coach Pillow Tabby bag is THE bag of the summer, and it’s like carrying a cloud with you everywhere you go. Quilted accessories are definitely sparking some serious joy this summer.

6. Pretty in Pink

Speaking of pink, any and all hues of it are poised to be the signature color of the summer. The brighter the better — think fuschia, neon pink, and bubblegum. The runways were awash with color-blocked pink, paired with tangerine, red, and lime green.

7. Décolletage for Days

Sweetheart necklines make this list of summer 2021 fashion trends. The neckline is near-universally flattering. It elongates the neck, softens a strong jaw, and accentuates curves. You’ll see it everywhere this summer, from crop tops, to tank tops and dresses.

8. The Beauty in Asymmetry

Playful and edgy at the same time, asymmetric silhouettes instantly create visual interest. Whether it’s diagonal hemlines, necklines, or both — it’s a winner.

There you have it — summer 2021 fashion trends for you have a safe and healthy hot girl season!

Zinnia Bukhari

Zinnia Bukhari

Zinnia Bukhari has a Master’s degree from Columbia University’s School of International and Public Affairs, specializing in gender, intersectionality and social inclusion in public policy. She is a former United Nations staffer, and currently lives in Brooklyn NY. She has frequently been heard saying that everything she does is to give her two dogs a better life. She blogs about the Pakistani expat experience on her Instagram @ZinniaBukhari.


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