Gong Yoo and the Main Cast’s Most Recognized K-Drama Outside the Netflix Series


Netflix premiered a new Korean drama venturing into the world of science fiction tied with mystery and thrill. The Silent Sea K-drama has a group of scientists venture to the moon with their mission to retrieve a mysterious sample. At the space station, their mission meets mystery as something or someone poses a dangerous threat. The Silent Sea’s main cast comprises well-recognized South Korean actors like Squid Game’s Hae Sung-tae.

'The Silent Sea' main cast members for Netflix K-drama wearing space suits.

‘The Silent Sea’ main cast members for K-drama | via Netflix

Lee Moo-saeng played a supporting role in ‘The World of the Married’

Before getting a leading role in the main cast for The Silent Sea, Lee appeared in the popular melodrama The World of the Married. The 2020 K-drama gained fame for its riveting storyline as a well-respected doctor’s perfect life is anything but. The female lead learns of her husband’s infidelity, and everyone close to her knows.


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