Hina Khna haircare | Hina Khan reveals how she prepares her hair oil for best results and shiny tresses


Hina reveals how she prepares her hair oil for shiny tresses

Hina reveals how she prepares her hair oil for shiny tresses&nbsp | &nbspPhoto Credit:&nbspInstagram

Hina Khan is undoubtedly one of the finest actresses of Indian Television. Apart from being known for the work she does on-screen, people love to follow Hina because she is a fashionista in her own right. Contrary to her on-screen image, the TV actress is a stylish diva. She is always updated with the latest fashion trends and at the same time, the actress takes utmost care of her hair and skin. Like every girl out there, Hina is very particular when it comes to looking after her hair and skin.

The actress has set a haircare and skincare routine. And today we are going to spill beans on Hina’s haircare routine. Talking exclusively to Times Now Digital, the actress revealed her favourite home remedy for taking care of her tresses. 

And here’s the procedure Hina Khan follows to keep her tresses healthy and shiny.

  1. I oil it (hair) regularly.
  2. Just warm it a little, massage it well and rinse it. In an hour or two and they’re all set. 

Following the aforementioned steps by Hina Khan, you can easily get desired results. Meanwhile, on her YouTube channel, Hina has shared her night skincare routine. In her video, the actress revealed what it takes to get a radiant glow on her face and be ready for selfies all the time. Read on to know.

  1. Washing face is extremely important. Use a good face wash for removing your make-up. Once it is done, rinse thoroughly and apply a toner.
  2. As per Hina, investment in a good serum is a blessing as it can help solve all skin related problems from acne blemishes. Hina applies serum twice all over her face and neck. After the serum absorbs into her skin, she goes for any basic moisturiser. 
  3. Lastly, before she goes to sleep, the actress applies a lip balm.

Meanwhile, Hina also revealed to us how she goes about deciding an outfit for a song. The actress explained it in detail as she said, “I have always loved to plan my looks. I and my team has really put in a lot of effort in the outfits for this video. We do a lot of pre-work that involves getting the brief, doing trials and as per the location and the ambience colour, we lock the outfit for that scene. I think, just like every element in a shot, outfit, too, plays an important role.”

The actress further revealed that for her, fashion is always about comfort. In Hina’s words: “If you know you are comfortable and can carry a particular outfit you should just go for it.” Hina further mentioned that it is about looking eye-pleasing but comfort is something that is most important. And if you are comfortable in what your wear and carry it with utmost confidence, then fashion automatically plays it for you.

On the personal front, Hina has finally recovered from COVID-19. After her father’s unfortunate demise due to a heart attack, the actress had contracted the virus but she is fine now. In her latest Instagram LIVE session, she mentioned having a little cough and chest congestion. Besides that, the actress has been putting up a brave front while dealing with her father’s loss. During an interaction with fans, she wore her dad’s shirt as well.

As far as her work is concerned, her new music video, Patthar Wargi, was supposed to release yesterday at 11 am. Though the song is not out yet, Hina has already created waves with her BTS photos from the shoot. Having said that, Hina has shared her five beauty secrets with us and we shall let you all know about the same soon.


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