How Linda Ronstadt Reacted When a Journalist Said Her Songs Paved the Way for a Lady Gaga Album


A journalist once claimed Lady Gaga owed a lot to Linda Ronstadt’s songs. Subsequently, Ronstadt discussed her opinion on the matter. The journalist in question wasn’t the only notable person to compare Gaga and Ronstadt.

Linda Ronstadt singing a song into a microphone

Linda Ronstadt | Paul Natkin/Getty Images

The songs Linda Ronstadt sang when she was tired of being a rock star

During an interview with Michael Schulman of The New Yorker, Ronstadt revealed she grew tired of being a rock star. She decided she wanted to sing an album of songs from the Great American Songbook. The Great American Songbook generally refers to a loosely defined group of American jazz numbers, show tunes, and pop songs from the time before rock ‘n’ roll truly dominated the airwaves. Ronstadt recorded an album of covers of songs from the Great American Songbook called What’s New.


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