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In a black swimsuit, Aislinn Derbez shows off her new collection | Instagram

The beautiful actress Aislinn Derbez once again decided to delight her millions of fans, this time sharing a new collection from the brand La Magia del Caos, which she has been sharing in recent months.

The also model It has managed to inspire us not to put aside the bathing suits this season, as the heat is entering and it is time to dust them off or even buy new pieces.

The truth is that one of the star garments these days is undoubtedly the swimsuit and of all types of course and Aislinn has begun to create certain trends for this.

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On this occasion, the daughter of Eugenio Derbez shared a couple of photographs on her official Instagram account in which she shows the new jewelry collection and took advantage of the moment to also take out her swimsuit.


Here I continue to show off these beauties that we made with @morenacorazon #yaaassss (these are from the @lamagiadelcaos collection) “, the actress wrote in the publication.

On the other hand, from his Instagram Stories, Derbez showed us that he is the new face of the Aire by American Eagle campaign, this division of the American retail store focuses on underwear, swimsuits and even pajamas for women.

And it is that in addition to the incredible body that Aislinn Derbez has boasted on Instagram, she herself inspires us to take our swimsuits without any pain to wear them this season.

As you may recall, actress Aislinn Derbez recently celebrated her 34th birthday with a relaxing vacation in Cancun.

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And as part of his celebration, he shared some photographs on social networks in which he showed off his figure in various swimsuits.

As expected, her millions of followers filled her with congratulations and applause for not using filters and for showing herself as she is.

In this celebration, the actress traveled with her friends to celebrate another year of life and through social networks, the famous shared some photos of her celebration.

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The images were accompanied by a text in which he thanked all those who are part of his life.

I love my life as it is and the people around me. So many beautiful and wonderful people who have marked my life, who have been part of my growth and that my life is what it is today, with its ups and downs. “

As you could see, during her trip, she spent a lot of time enjoying the beach and shared photos in bathing suits.

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However, what most caught the attention of her fans is that the actress did not use filters or retouching in her photos, and showed her cellulite.

This is how in the images, the actress encouraged her followers to love her body and take care of it, something that in the comments received the support of her fans.

I invite you to enjoy your body and feel beautiful in the suit of your choice. “

On the other hand, after their separation, Aislinn has dedicated herself to talking about her process to be more secure and at peace.

Through her podcast ‘The magic of chaos’, the actress revealed some details of her private life in which she recalled a complicated stage in her relationship.

However, he later showed that today he is finally at peace and enjoying his life.

In fact, the daughter of Eugenio Derbez commented that when she decided to get married she was sure that it would be for life, however differences began to emerge between them that prevented them from communicating effectively.


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