Is ‘The Cook of Castamar’ a True Story?

We’re living in a new golden age of television. All around the world, tons of great stories are being told on the small screen. While many viewers and critics tend to focus only on shows made in America or Great Britain, plenty of other countries are also sharing in this artistic boom. The Cook of Castamar is one such show, this Spanish TV series working its way to becoming a sleeper hit globally after getting a wider release. One reason for this is just how real and raw it all feels, which has led some viewers to wonder if the show might be based on a true story.

What is ‘The Cook of Castamar’?

Set in Madrid in 1720, The Cook of Castamar follows the love story between the Duke of Castamar (played by Roberto Enríquez) and humble cook Clara Belmonte (played by Michelle Jenner). Struggling with devastating personal losses, the two form an unlikely bond after Clara begins working for the Duke in his kitchen. After taking his first bite of her cooking, the pair become enmeshed in a sordid affair that breaks all sense of social norms and endangers both of them as a result.

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