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So DC has yet another TV show primed and ready to throw at your television (not to mention Teen Titans, and Legends of Tomorrow right on their heels)

CBS’s Supergirl trailer has just dropped earlier today:


Now to be honest, I’ve got some mixed feeling over it. The first being that not a single time was the Superman name used. This is becoming a really weirdly drawn thin line between DCCU and The Arrow-verse because like, her origins and bigger story-arcs are heavily reliant on him. I feel like most people see her as a Superman protege anyway, so you’d think they’d at least name drop him once, but hey, I don’t work in DC’s legal department.

It’s just getting a little funky, like does this mean that the DCCU can’t use characters like Supergirl, without them just being references, like the "My Cousin" phrase they kept using? Hell, we’re gonna have two different live action Flash’s by 2018… but I dunno… I probably shouldn’t be so bent out of shape because of over thinking something 😛

Anyway, if you guys have some venting to do about this trailer (like I do, clearly), let me know what you thought 🙂

Posted by Andrew Cookston on 2015-05-14 02:37:55

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