Kim Kardashian’s Latest Kanye West Shoutout Shows She Knows How to Give Credit Where It’s Due


The marital union of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West (sorry, Ye) was the celebrity marriage equivalent of the Avengers finally teaming up on the big screen for the first time back in 2012. Their relationship appeared to be perfect for modern fame, bringing tabloid culture and the mainstream hip-hop industry even closer together. But the increasing divide between their personalities eventually led to a divorce. While there is still reportedly some tension between the two of them, Kardashian did offer an olive branch to her husband by thanking him for his role in shaping her as a fashion icon at a recent awards ceremony. 

Kim and Kanye’s love story was a public whirlwind

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It was a match made in 21st-century pop culture heaven. Before they got together, Kardashian and West were huge stars in their own fields, but their relationship brought each of them to a wider audience. West was and remains an iconic rapper. Kardashian was a reality tv star with a budding entrepreneurial career.


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