LALoveTheBoss Introduces Fitness Challenge for Her Fans on Social


From the recording studio to the gym, LALoveTheBoss puts health at the forefront of her image.

LALoveTheBoss is a woman of many talents. As a hip-hop artist, SAG/AFTRA actress, model, social media mogul, entrepreneur, and fitness expert, she’s more than a triple threat. While she’s best known for her focus in music, LALoveTheBoss’ commitment to fitness and a healthy lifestyle is what makes her stand out in more ways than one. Fitness has always been a passion of the up-and-coming star, and she attributes it with easing her anxiety and contributing to her overall happiness.

Therefore, it’s important to her to maintain the best quality of life through wellness and health while also educating her fans about how to do the same. “I encourage my fans with my fitness on a daily basis. From Short clip workout videos to stories on my Instagram and Snapchat,” says the devoted fitness guru. “Also, I always give words of encouragement via videos with pep talks of the day.”

To help her 3.6 million Instagram followers take their fitness routine up a notch, LALoveTheBoss is introducing a brand new fitness challenge. This will be a 14-Day “Total Body Challenge” for her fans to push themselves and create new, healthy habits. She will also be discussing the importance of nutrition, as this is the key to positive lasting results. “You can’t out train a bad diet,” is her motto. She’ll teach her fans about her high protein diet, how to incorporate more veggies and healthy carbs into their daily lives, and the importance of hydration.

LALoveTheBoss is in the Gym five days or more per week, and she shows off her hard work through empowering, sexy photos on her Instagram profile. If you’re ready to train like a boss, join the 14-day fitness challenge by following her at @lalovetheboss on Instagram now.

About LALoveTheBoss:

LALoveTheBoss is a social media mogul, music artist, SAG actress, devoted fitness guru, model, and entrepreneur. Is there anything LALoveTheBoss can’t do? The 25 year old influencer isn’t afraid to march to her own drum – or to write her own lyrics. She’s been recognized for her creative rap tunes and bold style for going on more than 10 years. She embodies a modern-day pinup, as she exemplifies the perfect combination of bossy and sexy through her sultry photographs and iconic beats. Learn more at Get a first look at upcoming events, merchandise, release dates, new music, TV appearances, and more on Instagram @LALoveTheBoss.

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