Line of Duty’s Martin Compston bombarded with filthy DMs and marriage proposals


Line of Duty star Martin Compston, who plays DS Steve Arnott, appeared on The Jonathan Ross Show with co stars Vicky McClure, who plays DI Kate Fleming, and Adrian Dunbar, who plays Superintendent Ted Hastings.

Martin, 36, opened up on the lusty messages he receives on a regular basis after amassing a huge fan base from his portrayal of brooding Steve.

“The Instagram DMs get a bit out of hand,” admitted Martin, who is married to actress Tianna Chanel Flynn.

“A lot of stuff I wish I hadn’t seen… I need to stop looking at them. A lot of marriage proposals and a lot of proposals of other stuff from both sexes I must say!”

Martin Compston revealed his flirty fans can get a bit out of hand
Martin Compston revealed his flirty fans can get a bit out of hand

Vicky said the cast feel “blessed” by their avid fans, adding: “It’s surreal, it’s just gone insane; the art, the creativity, the videos.”

Martin revealed: “Every year you worry, are we still relevant? Are people still going to be invested? Now we’re bigger than ever, getting new fans… it’s an intense period when it’s on, the reactions have just been great.

“All these wild theories… some are pretty close!” he teased.

Martin is Scottish, but has to put on a Southern English accent in the show, which he admitted “can be hard”.

Line Of Duty
The hit BBC show stars Vicky McClure, Adrian Dunbar and Martin Compston

“That dialogue on its own would be hard anyway, throw the accent in there… the scene we did the other night, 30-pager, trying to juggle the accent at the same time,” he explained.

“When we’re away from it for a long time, when I do that voice I can hear him, it’s like a costume,” he added.

Discussing one of the ways he keeps it up, Martin says someone records his lines for him to listen to, and said: “It’s just graft, I’m not naturally good at accents.

Actor Martin Compston pictured with wife Tianna Chanel Flynn
Martin and US actress wife Tianna Chanel Flynn

“I need to work harder, which then makes me better because I’m not complacent with it.

“If you’re in these scenes with these amazing actors, amazing guest stars, it’s intimidating enough without worrying about the accent. Speaking to the wife and stuff I’ll drop it, I very much stay in it [on set],” he said.

On fan theories, Vicky teased: “We kind of wind people up a little bit, we know what’s coming.”

Martin Compston on The Jonathan Ross Show with co star Vicky McClure

She added: “It’s more your family and close friends who are like, ‘So are you going to tell me?’ Even my mum – I was in their garden, dad went inside – my mum was like, ‘Come on.’ I said, ‘No, no!’

“I don’t want to ruin it for them, I’d tell her, she wouldn’t tell anyone, but it’s ruining it for her then.”

“You have to pay attention.” Martin promised. “There’s a few big answers coming.”

* The Jonathan Ross Show airs Saturday night at 9:35pm on ITV


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