Looking Back: Our 10 Favorite Movie Posters from 2021 – Dig This Art


Looking Back: Our 10 Favorite Movie Posters from 2021 – Dig This Art

by Alex Billington
December 29, 2021

With the year almost over, it’s time to look back and highlight some favorites from the world of movies. Our writer Ethan Anderton used to publish his list of the Best Official Movie Posters, but I’m taking over and will return to highlighting some of my favorite designs. Below is my personal selection of 10 Favorite Movie Posters from 2021. These aren’t necessarily the “best” rather they’re my own favorites that stuck with me. I’m clearly attracted to color and striking designs, something that looks unique and is evocative. I also think it’s important for a poster to capture the vibe of the film, and not just look cool though it’s different from how the film feels. That’s an important part of poster design. Just slapping any generic photo on a poster is dull and lazy, but creating art, making something vivid – that’s what I love the most. Check them out below.

Here are my 10 favorite posters. The designer / agency can be found on our favorite poster site IMPAwards.

Flee (dir. Jonas Poher Rasmussen)

Flee Poster

The Electrical Life of Louis Wain (dir. Will Sharpe)

The Electrical Life of Louis Wain Poster

Spencer (dir. Pablo Larraín)

Spencer Poster

Army of the Dead (dir. Zack Snyder)

Army of the Dead Poster

Last Night in Soho (dir. Edgar Wright)

Last Night in Soho Poster

Prisoners of the Ghostland (dir. Sion Sono)

Prisoners of the Ghostland Poster

Barb and Star Go to Vista Del Mar (dir. Josh Greenbaum)

Barb and Star Go to Vista Del Mar Poster

Broadcast Signal Intrusion (dir. Jacob Gentry)

Broadcast Signal Intrusion Poster

Dug Dug (dir. Ritwik Pareek)

Dug Dug Poster

Petrov’s Flu (dir. Kirill Serebrennikov)

Petrov's Flu Poster

I also just HAVE to include this Dune poster (made by Akiko Stehrenberger). It’s not an official poster, and was not released by the studio, but it is officially licensed in a Mondo series of art for Dune earlier this year.

BONUS! Dune (dir. Denis Villeneuve)

Dune Poster

So there you have it! Technically that’s 11 in total, but why not feature an extra one? I could go on and on with posters. And I’d have any of these on my walls! A few more favorites that didn’t make the cut: I Was a Simple Man, Seance, The Protege, The Woman Who Ran, The Amusement Park, Annette, and the poster for the 2021 Telluride Film Festival. I always love that festivals design a new poster every year! Other websites sharing their best movie posters lists: The Film Experience, Seek and Speak, and Mubi. And to end – I cannot stand the laziness with many posters recently, where all they do is take the one photo from the film that has already been released and just slap it onto a poster and that’s it (see: The Lost Daughter or any Sony Pictures Classics poster ugh). Posters should be unique! They need their own designs! Let’s continue to celebrate this artistry as much as we can. So what are your favorite 2021 movie posters?

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