Marilyn Monroe Could Have Been Princess of Monaco Instead of Grace Kelly


For many pop culture fans around the world, Grace Kelly is known not only as a beloved actress from the Golden Age of Hollywood but also as the Princess of Monaco. Kelly’s marriage to Prince Rainier of Monaco made headlines around the world and attracted a great deal of interest. She left her Hollywood career behind her and carved out a whole new life, one that is still a subject of fascination to this day. While it seems inconceivable to think of anyone else in Kelly’s place as the princess of Monaco, there was a time when, reportedly, the royal family had their eye on a very different Hollywood star: Marilyn Monroe.

The royal family of Monaco set out to look for a Hollywood star

In the ’50s, the Golden Age of Hollywood was in full swing, with beautiful, talented stars making headlines on a daily basis. The royal family of Monaco, according to a recent report by Best Life Online, had a special interest in matching up Prince Rainier of Monaco to one of these stars. The report states that, in the mid-’50s, Monaco was not doing well financially, and that officials were looking to up tourism to the principality since that was the biggest industry. Prince Rainier was in danger of losing his throne if Monaco didn’t experience a change in fortune, and fast. 


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