Oprah gushes about Drew Barrymore: ‘You have changed my life’

Drew Barrymore couldn’t contain her joy when Oprah Winfrey’s face appeared, visiting The Drew Barrymore Show on the screen, yet the 46-year-old actress-turned-daytime-host was moved even more when Winfrey described how Barrymore has impacted her.

“Dare I say, seeing [this show] actually changed my life,” Winfrey said. “You have changed my life. You have certainly changed my work life because I was there for that very first show where you beamed in Cameron [Diaz], and there you all were, and we didn’t know that you all weren’t in the same space.”

The iconic host and interviewer continued: “I watched that, and I said, ‘Hey, why can’t we do what Drew did?’ And since that time, for Oprah Conversation for Apple TV—the first time I did it was with President Barack Obama, talking about his book Promised Land. … So, thank you. Pioneer woman.”

The segment then took viewers behind the scenes to show what Winfrey was referencing:

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