Famous People Born Today

Vote for Your Favourite Personality Born Today  1 Katy Perry . 10222 Listed In: Singers Famous As: Singer-Songwriter Birthdate: 1984 Birthplace: Santa Barbara, California, United States A name that has found a place in the Forbes list of highest-earning women in music continuously for 9 years in a row, Katy Perry is a one of America’s … Read more

‘It Definitely Makes You Take a Step Back’

It must have felt like a career downgrade for Ryan Tannehill when the Miami Dolphins traded him to the Tennessee Titans. He went from starting NFL quarterback in the Sunshine State to backup for Marcus Mariota in Tennessee. However, that changed in Week 6 of the 2019 season as the Titans, trailing the Denver Broncos, benched … Read more

Watch: ‘A Puff Before Dying’ – Marionette Don’t Smoke & Drive PSA

Watch: ‘A Puff Before Dying’ – Marionette Don’t Smoke & Drive PSA by Alex Billington October 22, 2021Source: YouTube “I’ve seen what drugged up driving can do… You know what drug I hate the most?” So they finally made a sequel to Team America: World Police! Well, not really. But this is about as close … Read more