RTL Today – Film Of The Week: Mortal Kombat


Super violent 2021 redux of the ultra-popular Midway arcade game, is loud and bright but offers little in terms of depth.

Featuring fan favourites such as Kano, Sub-Zero, Raiden, Jax, Scorpion  and Sonya Blade, the initial announcement and trailer caused quite a stir on the interwebs.

The trailer promised the gore-splattered finishing moves and brutal action so typified in the stand-up machines of yesteryear and fans were frothy for a truly great game to film transition.

Simon McQuoid’s update is far better than the dismal straight to video collections of recent years, but in introducing a brand new character (Lewis Tan’s Cole Young) has missed a trick in providing a true cinematic experience.

MMA fighter Cole is thrown into the mystical battles that have raged for centuries. Unbeknownst to him, Cole is the focus of the Outworld’s Emperor Shang Tsung. Tsung has sent the relentless Sub-Zero to track our young hero down. Jax (Supergirl’s Mehcad Brooks) and Sonya Blade (Jessica McNamee) are Cole’s clues to figuring out Cole’s mysterious heritage.

So confident were the film’s promo team that they released the first 7 minutes of the film online ahead of the released. It has so far been viewed over 25 million times on this site alone. Have a look here.

MK the movie may not be to everyone’s tastes, those who enjoyed last week’s recommendation, for example, may not be the first in the queue for a video game adaptation that is little more than fight scenes stitched together by a whole heap of guff. However, sometimes, just sometimes, films can simply be concepts writ large.

Loud, brash and so very violent, MK is worth a look, especially now that bars and restos are properly open. A burger, a beer (or three) and a brains out movie at the weekend? Lovely.

Mortal Kombat is also available for home streaming on HBO Max.

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