Sam Pang roasts Mortal Kombat star Josh Lawson on HYBPA

Sam Pang bravely mocked an action movie star on Have You Been Paying Attention last night.

In the series return, Pang poked fun at Aussie actor Josh Lawson who plays Kano in the recently released Hollywood blockbuster, Mortal Kombat.

Lawson joined the show as a guest quizmaster and was introduced by host Tom Gleisner.

“Josh, you are currently starring in the number one movie at the box office, Mortal Kombat,” Gleisner said. “You’ve done so much. What do you most get recognised for?”

“I don’t really get recognised at all,” Lawson laughed.

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Pang then chimed in with a trademark cheeky swipe, saying: “Tommy, did you say number one at the box office? … But people aren’t going to the cinemas at the moment, are they?”

Pang continued: “So, Josh, what did the movie take last week? $11?”

As the other panellists erupted in laughter, Lawson glared at Pang intensely.

“I’m only joking, Jesus!” Pang assured the movie star.

“I like a laugh as much as anyone, mate,” Lawson eventually replied.

“It doesn’t look like you do,” Pang quipped.

Lawson mentioned the film had made “a cheeky $30 million” before proceeding with the quiz questions.

Mortal Kombat has actually made more than $85 million worldwide so far. The movie, which was shot in South Australia, also stars Lewis Tan and Jessica McNamee.

HYBPA viewers were full of praise for Lawson after his back and forth with Pang.

Some of the comments on social media included:

• “I could watch these two all night.”

• “Give Josh Lawson a spot on the panel in the future; he was hilarious.”

• “Pang looked like he was about to get belted.”

• “Every episode is literally Sam Pang Vs. Every Single Quizmaster Ever.”

Have You Been Paying Attention? continues next Monday on Channel 10 at 8.40pm

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