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Actress Sanjjanaa Galrani who was recently tested positive for COVID-19 has been taking help of yoga exercises to sail through the Covid phase. In a recent video interview with Bangalore Times on her battle with the virus and her health journey, the actress was quick to point out, “Yoga is something that I keeping coming back to. Now, what I am doing when I am corona positive is that I have been doing a few simple asanas, one is Kapalbhati Pranayama and other one is Mandukasana,” she adds. Here’s what she has to say.


Those with knee issue might feel this asana to be little difficult but if you do it gently. but avoid with fractures and extreme injuries can avoid it. you you sit in the Veerbhadrasana pose. When in that pose, breathe in and breathe out and make yourself comfortable. We will go all the way down, breathing out completely and putting pressure on our navel and touch our forehead to the ground. Follow it with coming up all the way up taking deep breadths and sit back in Veerbhadrasana. So go down and hold your breadth for five seconds and come up again.

To Make it more impactful
Another way to make it more impactful is hold your navel with both your hands and then follow the breathing process. A lot of pressure you crate a lot of pressure on your lungs and you can do this at least 20 times and would completely relax you of all stress in your body and increase your lung capacity.

Kapalbhati Pranayama

It is a remedy for many minor diseases including constipation, stomach flab, breathing disorders, headache nd stress. It increases your dynamics by increase the blood circulation in your body because it works with the most important core muscles of your body which is behind your navel which generates all the strength. So when we do Kapalbhati, since it is an energetic way of breathing. Do it for a minute.


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