‘Shang-Chi’ Actor Simu Liu Called Out by Heartbroken Fans for Past Racist and Sexist Posts


The Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) has made a strong comeback after several years of relative stagnation in the wake of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. The release of the new film Shang-Chi not only ushers in a brand-new era for the MCU, but it has highlighted a character that many fans have utterly fallen in love with. Actor Simu Liu brings the character of Shang-Chi to life in a way that has earned him major critical acclaim as well as fan praise. However, recent days have cast a pall over the actor, as several past social media posts allegedly made by Liu have caused fans some serious heartbreak. 

Simu Liu is making waves in the entertainment business

Liu has had a number of jobs in the entertainment industry over the years, long before he made it big as a Marvel star. Born in China in 1989, Liu immigrated to Canada with his family when he was five years old. After graduating from college in 2011, Liu tried his hand at several jobs, including as an accountant — but eventually, he decided to try to break into the entertainment industry.


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