Stacey Solomon returns to Instagram after receiving ‘hostile’ messages

Stacey Solomon has returned to Instagram to explain her mysterious absence after fans noticed her sudden disappearance from the site.

The silence from the usually social-media happy star came after she shared a post commenting on the Israel-Palestine conflict.

Stacey went offline without warning on Sunday night and while she appeared on Monday’s Loose Women, she did not make any mention on her TV stint as she is known to her fans for doing.

As she made a comeback on Tuesday, Stacey admitted she’d been subjected to some hostile messages.

Taking to her Stories this morning, she penned: “I understand what so many people are in pain and hurting from the horrendous situation between Israel and Palestine, myself included, some of the messages in my in box suggest that some may feel people or a religion are ‘responsible’ but please believe me when I say this is not the case.”

Stacey Solomon told her followers she’d received ‘hostile messages’ on Instagram
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She went on: “First and foremost I can not express enough that I wholeheartedly stand against violence and the killing of innocent people no matter what their race, religion or differences.

“There is NO place in this world and NO justification for the pain and suffering innocent people are being subjected to.’

Stacey, 31, then revealed she had been subjected to some ‘hostile’ messages since posting about the attacks.

“It makes me hesitant to speak about it,” she admitted. “I feel, no matter what I say it could create hostility between two peaceful religious communities who stand for the same thing – humanity.

“Because of my religion anything I say or don’t say may be misconstrued and/or hurt people. Potentially causing bigger divides which is the opposite of what anyone is trying to achieve.” she added.

Stacey said she only tries to spread positivity and kindness with her Instagram feed
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“This does not mean I don’t do what I can to support where I can people suffering in these horrendous situations.” said Stacey.

“It does not mean that I don’t care or don’t know what is going on,” she told her followers.

The mum-of-three then reflected on the ‘horrendous situation’ which she said had been going on for ‘far too long.’

“It’s so sad and upsetting to watch,” commented the star.

“All I ever want to do on here is spread kindness and positivity. Not one part of me wants to create any kind of hospitality towards another human being.

“I pray for peace and that the suffering of so many human being ends,” she finished.

Stacey shared a lengthy post after her Instagram absence
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She’s not the first famous face to come under fire for weighing on the conflict.

Bella Hadid was condemned for ‘throwing Jews into the sea’ after the supermodel shared a post on Instagram that was accused of sparking allegations of anti-Semitism.

The State of Israel’s official account shared on Sunday: “When celebrities like @BellaHadid advocate for throwing Jews into the sea, they are advocating for the elimination of the Jewish State.

Supermodels Bella and Gigi Hadid came under fire for their posts about the political situation
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“This shouldn’t be an Israeli-Palestinian issue. This should be a human issue. Shame on you.”

Bella caused a storm after sharing a post that said Israel was not a country but a land settled on my colonizers.

She published a series of cartoons that called Israel ‘occupiers’ and branded Palestinians ‘oppressed.’

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