Stevie Nicks Formed a Coven of Woman to Tour With Fleetwood Mac


Though Stevie Nicks has continued to do it for decades, life on tour can get lonely, especially when the members of Fleetwood Mac were often fighting. She had bandmate and close friend Christine McVie around, but Nicks wanted more company. She didn’t feel comfortable bringing her boyfriends around the band, so she recruited a group of women to go on the road with her.

A black and white photo of Stevie Nicks wearing a beaded dress and singing into a microphone in a performance with Fleetwood Mac.

Stevie Nicks | Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images)

Stevie Nicks never wanted to bring boyfriends on tour with Fleetwood Mac

Not long after the couple joined Fleetwood Mac, Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham broke up. At around the same time, McVie and husband John McVie divorced. Tensions ran high, and the two women worried about bringing any boyfriends around the rest of the band. 


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