The 6 Biggest Swimwear Trends Of Summer 2021


Upside Down Bikinis

Yes, the once-makeshift styling trick has become an actual bikini design. A few summers back, the likes of Bella Hadid and Kendall Jenner were tying their triangle tops upside down to create an underboob-flashing look that made for somewhat strange tan lines.

It’s clearly doing it for the fans, though, because demand for ‘upside-down bikini tops’ is currently up 49% from last year. Cue Khloé Kardashian posting an Instagram picture of herself lounging poolside in a lilac iteration in April, and searches spiked 150% within a week.

It’s actually the smaller, under-the-radar swimwear brands nailing this design, while we’ve yet to see big labels drop anything similar. If you can’t find the colours or prints you’re after, just fashion yourself one the old-school way: flip your triangle top and fasten the back ties around your neck instead. Or, take cues for Victoria’s Secret and cross your straps the front to create a demi-cup.


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