The Marvel Characters ‘The Boys’ Main Superheroes Parody


The Boys is Amazon’s golden child that follows the mature, gritty comic it’s named after. In this alternate universe where superheroes aren’t all that heroic, we’ve noticed the connection between the Supes on the show and the ones from Marvel. Here’s a look at who the main characters are parodying.

a large structure is lit up with red with 'The Boy's' lit up in white on the side.

‘The Boys’ | Getty Images

Translucent from ‘The Boys’ and Invisible Woman

The naked invisible man, Translucent, shares powers with Sue Richards, better known as the Invisible Woman from the Fantastic Four. That’s about where the similarities stop. Sue can conjure mental force fields for defense and offense. On the other hand, Translucent has diamond-like skin and a few other stealth abilities. According to Men’s Health, he’s a show-only character. In the comic, he’s replacing an alien member of The Seven named Jack from Jupiter. 


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