The Weeknd Rumored Dating Bella Hadid’s Best Friend

The Weeknd Rumored Dating Bella Hadid's Best Friend

The word on the street is that the ‘Blinding Lights’ singer is now seeing one-half of twin DJs and fashionistas Simi Haze, prompting his ex Bella to unfollow them on Instagram.

The Weeknd might not look that far for a new girlfriend following the end of his relationship with Bella Hadid. Rumor has it that the three-time Grammy Award-winning artist is now dating one-half of the Simi Haze twins, who are said to be his model ex’s best friends.

It’s unknown when the “Can’t Feel My Face” crooner and one of the twin DJs started becoming an item. However, Bella has reportedly unfollowed both Simi Khadra and Haze Khadra on Instagram, and social media users are speculating that it’s because of her friend’s alleged romance with the Canadian star.

“OMG gigi and bella both unfollowed simi, haze and fai khadra!! (they are siblings) rumors say that they unfollowed because one of the twins is dating the weeknd,” one Twitter user posted along with photos of Bella with Simi Haze. The user also shared a “fun fact” about the former couple and the twin sisters, “when bella and abel got back together in a party in cannes simi & haze were the djs and they were friends for a long time i hope its not true i love them all.”

The user went on noting that the dating rumors sparked after The Weeknd liked Simi’s pictures, so it’s probably Simi that he’s dating. “if its true i feel so bad for bella… that doesn’t sit right with me i’d be very mad and hurt if i were her,” the fan expressed her sympathy for Bella, which was echoed by others.

Simi and Haze are also known as fashionistas and their brother is Fai Khadra, who is a close friend of Kendall Jenner and Kylie Jenner. The Palestinian identical twins grew up between Riyadh, London and California and started attending fashion weeks at 14 years old as buyers for their mother’s Riyadh-based boutique, before moving to the States to study.

The Weeknd and Bella were dating on and off from 2015 until they broke up for good in 2019. There were speculations that they were back together after that, but they have never been seen together since then. Neither of them has publicly confirmed they’re in a relationship with another person since their split, though the sister of Gigi Hadid was rumored to be dating Duke Nicholson, Jack Nicholson‘s grandson, back in October 2020.