This is how a Mortal Kombat actress reacted when she learned that Snoop Dogg began to follow her on Instagram


Mortal Kombat it is part of a large list of video games that were adapted into film. And this year a movie with the same name has just been released that really broke records and enchanted the fans of this saga. The success was a real surprise, as the adaptation that had been made in 1997 was an absolute failure at that time.

The tape is directed by Simon McQuoid and is starring Lewis Tan Y Jessica McNamee. In addition, the cast is completed with the performance of Sissi Stringer, a 24-year-old Australian actress and assistant director. The young professional made headlines for her reaction to learning that Snoop Dogg started following her on Instagram.

Mortal Kombat’s Sisi Stringer reacts to her new Instagram follower Snoop Dogg

Snoop Dogg is one of the most popular rappers in recent years and, of course, has a large number of fans around the world. One of them is Sisi Stringer, who plays in Mortal Kombat a Mileena. The interpreter took a screenshot of the notification that came when she saw that nothing more and nothing less than Snoop Dogg had started to follow her.

Sisi Stranger couldn’t help but contain her excitement as Snoop Dogg started following her on Instagram (IG: @sisistringer)

The publication shared it in one of his stories and began to be commented on by his followers. “Snoop Dogg is following me. WTF”, wrote in the post. And then Snoop answered him. “Only You Mortal Kombat”the rapper wrote. Many followers wondered how they would react if an idol started following them? And although the chances are sometimes very low, in this case, Stringer managed to keep his favorite singer up to date with his news as well.

Mortal Kombat premiered last April and focuses on the adventures of wrestler Cole Young. In this story, he will try to find Sonya Blade to save his family, but in that search he will have several enemies and unforeseen events to face.


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