This Is Sophie Hermann’s Go-To Brow Bar For Brow Lamination


Brow bars are back in business (hurrah!) which means we can finally attain those expertly groomed, slicked-up arches that we’ve so missed. From HD brows to microblading and tinting, the treatments available in-salon are endless and depending on your desired finish, there’s something for everyone. If it’s a slicked-up, fuller finish you’re after, turn your attention to the must-try treatment that has taken our social media feeds by storm: Brow Lamination. Making its way from East to West, brow lamination originated in Russia and has become one of the most sought-after treatments here in the UK. Promising feathered, full and defined brows, the treatment is a great option for those of us after long-lasting results using a pain-free process (unlike microblading).

What Is Brow Lamination?

The process involves lifting each eyebrow hair at the root and setting it using a perming solution before the hairs are tinted and brushed into place (read a step-by-step review of the treatment here). A big hit among the celebrity and influencer crowd, Made In Chelsea’s Sophie Hermann and owner of seriously great brows – swears by it. ‘I first tried it a day before my birthday last year,’ says Sophie, ‘it’s amazing, it almost looks like you’ve just had Botox – you get this instant fox-eye, Bella Hadid lift.’ But don’t be put off by the initial results, as Sophie assures us – the first day can look mental. ‘You look like Count Olaf from A Series Of Unfortunate Events,’ she laughs, ‘but after a few days it settles and looks great. It’s also just so practical – for the first two weeks, I don’t use anything else on my brows.’ Word of caution? ‘It doesn’t work on every brow,’ warns Sophie, ‘that really brushed-up look works best on very fine, German hairs like mine.’

Sophie Hermann’s Favourite Brow Bar

Sophie is a regular at Brow Bar BBM in Eccleston Yards, London. ‘The salon is so elegant and chic,’ says Sophie, ‘it was designed by a Danish interior designer and I just love the whole vibe.’ And unlike a big retailer shop floor, a brow bar offers a level of privacy. ‘They have separate areas for treatments and dividers so not everyone has to see you have a cheeky ‘tache wax on the side,’ laughs Sophie who’s go-to brow request is lamination, tinting and threading. ‘Lamination lasts for three-weeks,’ adds Sophie, ‘but I can easily make it last for up to 6-weeks using Soap Brows, £15, to maintain that brushed-up finish.’ As well as Soap Brows, Sophie calls upon Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Powder, £24, to fill in the front, arch and ends in-between appointments.

Brow Lamination (including shape and tint) starts from £77 at Brow Bar BBM.

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