Throwback To Madhuri Dixit And Husband Shriram Nene’s Accent Challenge; Watch

India’s famous charming actress Madhuri Dixit has been married to her husband, Shriram Nene, for over 20 years now. The couple took to their social media handles quite frequently during the lockdowns to share various bits and pieces of their life together. In this throwback video, the couple can be seen taking a super fun accent challenge.

Watch the video here:

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Madhuri Dixit partook in an interesting accent challenge with her husband some time back. The long-time married couple was seen pronouncing certain words, prompted by the challenge itself, in their own respective accents. Words like dance, buffet, schedule, brochure, water, route, chair, khaki, pajama, and apparatus were pronounced by both Madhuri and husband Mr. Nene, with the actress saying it in her Indian accent and the latter doing so in his American accent.

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It was a fun and delightful sight to witness the two of them present their contrasting accents using the same, and even the simplest of words. Other than this, the couple also shared various other instances from their personal lives. From dancing in each other’s arms to jamming to music with their guitars, Madhuri Dixit and Dr. Nene appeared to have a gala time with each other. 20-plus years down the line and post-marriage, the couple appeared even more in love than ever as they shared videos of their tropical vacations where they participated in fun water activities such as scuba-diving!

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