Transforming My Naturally Straight Hair Into A Wavy Bob


My inspiration for this has come in part from my recent immersion in period dramas and historical dress. As a lesbian I have dutifully watched every queer women period drama that’s been released in recent years (Colette, Portrait Of A Lady On Fire, The World To Come), which reintroduced me to a world of queer coding in clothing and style. I wanted to immerse myself in queer readings of historical fashion where short hair was an act of rebellion popularised by queer and lesbian women. Unlike modern queer coding through hair, which is bound up in styles like undercuts and mullets, I wanted to escape into more vintage looks. Like the queer women who defined and explored fashion and beauty trends in the last century, I wanted to find a balance between looking effortless and looking done which strays far enough from conventional conceptions of modern femininity that it’s like a non-verbal if you know, you know.


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