Where to Shop Corduroy Pants In Australia


Look at Bella Hadid’s street style and you might not be so surprised to find that the model, despite unwavering access to the world’s most sought-after designer pieces, regularly turns to trends from decades past. From fuzzy pink crop tops, hair barrettes, and low-rise baggy pants, Hadid’s long been rocking looks that press rewind (and honestly, make us forget why we said goodbye to the trend in the first place).
Her It-girl staples might be an ode to the ’90s, but recently, Hadid has directed her attention to yet another decade—the ’70s. In fact, the last two months she’s been caught wearing a gem of a garment that, in our opinion, has been overdue for a comeback, especially now that winter has brought the need for warmth in our sartorial rotations.
Arriving at sister Gigi Hadid’s 26th birthday bash on April 24, Hadid might have caught the Internet’s attention thanks to the now iconic images of her adjusting Zayn Malik’s hand from his girlfriend’s butt to her waist, it was the Charlotte Knowles long-sleeve top and light brown corduroy pants that sealed our attention.

Venturing from the grandpa-chic she’d previously associated with cords, seen at Paris Fashion Week in early January 2021 wearing a tan corduroy suit paired to perfection with a leather vest, Hadid opted for a party-friendly version this time around. Safe to say, we’re making room for both the oversized and flared silhouette in our wardrobe this season.

The fashion world would see to it that Hadid is not the only tastemaker intent on the style’s return, with none other than seventies enthusiast Harry Styles on a mission to reenter the flared cord into the mainstream. In fact, the Fine Line singer told Howard Stern that upon being robbed at knifepoint in London on Valentine’s Day in 2020, his getaway was hindered by his dedication to the corduroy flare. He might be Harry Styles, but even he can’t make cords appropriate running gear.

Cords, welcome to our winter wardrobe.

Rolla’s Eastcoast Flare Brown Cord, $149.95; available at Rolla’s
Frame Le Palazzo Cord, $100; available at Frame
Everlane The Corduroy Wide-Leg Pant, $85; available at Everlane
Saint Laurent Cropped Corduroy Pant, $1,475; available at MyTheresa
Victoria Beckham Corduroy Pant, $470; available at Farfetch


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